Tourist Objects in Jogjakarta

There are a lot of tourist objects in Jogjakarta. It is one of the city in Indonesia where we can see the combination between culture, heritage and tradition that appear in current life. In Jogjakarta we can see temples (majority is Hindu temple), beaches, mountain and even its kingdom legacy. In fact, until recent, Jogjakarta is still lead by a King (or known as Sultan) even though the Sultan more likely acts as a governor.

Jogjakarta is rich of its tradition that obviously appears in its local culture: Batik, Javanese dances, crafting, etc. If you have plenty time and you decide to visit Jogjakarta you may spare time to visit some places such as Kasongan (you can see the making of pottery, hand made), Kota Gede (silver jewelry, etc, handmade), Manding (leather production for  bags, shoes, jacket), Malioboro (batik process, the making of Bakpia - traditional cake).

Talking about other cool places to visit, you can check below:

1. Prambanan Temple

Prambanan is a Hindu temple, that is located in Prambanan, an area between Jogjakarta and Klaten. In this site, there is also a Buddhist temple, called Candi Sewu (literally means Thousand Temple), at the back of Prambanan Temple.

The apparent difference between Hindu and Buddhist temple is the shape of the top of the temple itself. Hindu temple is more likely to have a sharper shape for the top of its temple, while Buddhist one is more round. Another difference is related to the statue. Hindu temples have different statues of God for each of its temple, while Buddhist temples only have the statue of Buddha, as its role model.

To enter Prambanan, you must pay the entry ticket of IDR 30,000/person (for local tourists) and USD 18 (for foreigners). To enjoy the temples, you may bring along umbrella, hat or scarf with you because the temperature is quite hot there. Not to worry, there will be local people offering umbrellas for rental and you can bring them by yourself.

Prambanan Temple

2. Ratu Boko

Ratu Boko is an archaeological site of (used to be a Palace of King Boko) located near to Prambanan Temple. After visiting Prambanan, you can visit Ratu Boko, just around 15 minutes driving to the hills. It is such a perfect place to see a sunset with a beautiful view.

Here in Ratu Boko you can see the legacy of a Palace in an old time, complete with its baths for princess and a canal-like system (or maybe a tunnel) that remains unsolved until today because the restoration is still incomplete.

a gate in Ratu Boko

Here, you may see a few deer also in a garden before you go to the Ratu Boko Palace. The weather is a bit windy in the afternoon and not too hot, suitable for you to enjoy the scenery. For entry ticket, it will cost you around IDR 25,000 / person (2015)

3. Taman Sari

Taman Sari is also a legacy of Kesultanan Jogjakarta (Kingdom of Jogjakarta), and used to be a place for princess to take a bath. The buildings are not too old comparing to the temples, but still, we can see the classic atmosphere in Taman Sari. Taman Sari is located near Keraton Jogjakarta (Palace). It is actually located within current people's houses and a traditional market. This place is always be visited by foreigners because it has a lot of mystery, marked by a former canal system, tunnel, etc.

The ticket to get here is very cheap, around IDR 3,000. Actually there are several gates that you can enter to the site besides the main gate that you must pay for entry ticket. You can enter through the bird market, or even from the aisle in society's housing.

Taman Sari, taken from my instagram

4. Gua Pindul

Gua Pindul is located in Gunung Kidul, in the southern Jogjakarta. It is a coastal and mountainous area with many beautiful places to see: beaches, caves, waterfalls, etc.
To go here, you will spend around 2 hours driving from the center of Jogjakarta in an up and down and slipper road.

Besides Goa Pindul, is a cave of stalactite and stalagmite with a river under it. The journey will be on a tire and will take around 25 minutes inside the cave. The scenery was really wonderful inside and we could hear different sound of stalactite that our guide hit on. To enjoy this, you must pay around IDR 35,000 each person. You can also hire a group photographer who will take pictures along with you during in a cave.

Goa Pindul (2015)
Not to forget, you must prepare another suit for changing if you want to take this adventure because you will definitely get wet during the trip.

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