Interesting Places in Karawang & Purwakarta

Karawang is a potential big city with a large plant area of multinational companies / industries. Besides becoming industrial city in Indonesia, it also has some interesting places to be visited.


The dam of Walahar was built in Dutch era so that the architecture is with a touch of Dutch architecture. The Walahar dam is located in East Karawang, or in the area of Klari. From exit tol East Karawang (KM 54), you must go right about 3 KM.

In Walahar Dam, you may not only see the beautiful dam but you may be able to taste delicious original food from Karawang, 'pepes'. Pepes is the Indonesian way to cook using Banana leaf to wrap the food before it gets roasted / steamed. There are many food that can be cooked to be 'pepes' : fish, tofu, chicken, prawn, etc. Pepes Walahar H. Dirja is very famous not only for local people but also for people who live outside Karawang. The spices are really delicious and the price is really reachable. 

To get into the restaurant you must across the Walahar bridge that is only enough for 1 car width. While you crossing this bridge, you can also hear the water flowing into the dam.

 instagram @whitefelice


Curug Cigentis or Cigentis Waterfall is located in Karawang, about 35 KM from the center of Karawang. The road to reach this place is not really good, really rocky and slippery. Moreover, you must hike around 20-30 minutes to the waterfall spot from the parking area. It is better to ride a motorcycle than to drive a car to visit this place. 

The entry ticket is cheap, only IDR5K but the place is a bit dirty because of the irresponsible visitors that dump rubbish everywhere. There are 2 waterfalls in Curug Cigentis. One with the heavy flowing water and another one is a bit slow. You may also be able to soak up your feet in the river in which the water is still clean and clear.

If you're hungry, there will be a lot of food sellers along the river (inside the tourist object) that sell meatballs, chicken rice, etc. This also one of the factors that make this waterfall a bit dirty.

instagram @whitefelice


Jatiluhur Dam is located in Purwakarta, exit tol KM 76. It is the biggest dam in West Java that impounds Citarum River. Citarum River is quite a big river that sometimes causing flood in the area of Karawang and Bekasi, especially when the water debit increased during high-rainy seasons.

The entry ticket during weekend is IDR 15K/person, with IDR20K for one car. Inside, you must still pay IDR 2K to the parking man. 

Here, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery around the dam. There are also many wild birds that come fly near the dam to drink.



San Diego Hills is located in West Karawang, exit toll KM 47. It is actually a cemetery that can also be visited to get some refreshment. The cemetery here is managed with a luxury and beauty. You may not realize that it is a cemetery because of the concept. 

In this cemetery, there is a cafe and swimming pool that is open for public. This place is also regularly used as a place for shooting (i.e movies, product advertisement,etc)



Sate or Satay is a typical Indonesian traditional food using chicken, rabbits, beef or goat meat that is roasted on the burnt charcoal. Satay Maranggi is satay from a lamb (young goat). This food is one of the most favorite food here because Maranggi has less cholesterol and much tender than the mutton or adult goat meat.

During weekend, more than thousand people come to eat in this place. Yes, thousand people. Believe or not, even to pay in cashier, we must queue in a very long queue. Here, not only sate maranggi that is served but also other food such as sayur asem, karedok (West Javanese salad with peanut sauce), sop daging, etc. The rice is also still wrapped by banana leaf, makes it fresh, warm and smells good.

Sate Maranggi Cibungur located in Jalan Raya Cibungur. It is 2 KM from the exit toll Cikampek. For the price, rice is charged IDR 6K/pcs, sate maranggi IDR 4K/pcs, meat soup IDR 25K/ bowl, karedok IDR 14K/portion (latest in 2015). For the place, people eat surrounded by teak plantation (owned by Perhutani) that makes people feel relax and comfortable because the air is fresh.
the open kitchen for Sate Maranggi - Cibungur

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Tourist Objects in Batu (and Malang probably)

Batu and Malang are located in the southern area of East Java. Both of those cities are suitable for tourism since they offer many beautiful places to visit. Since they are located in a high land, the temperature is a bit cold, significantly different from the big cities in Indonesia (such as Jakarta, Surabaya, etc). It'd be colder if you visit them in June-July, that you might bring a jacket if you want to go outside. Basically, since the area is higher, Batu is colder than Malang.

There is an airport called Abdul Rachman Saleh in Malang. It is a commercial airport now, and people often go to Surabaya first before heading to Malang because the air ticket will be much cheaper than go directly to Malang. For example, from Bali / Jakarta you choose the flight to Surabaya first / transfer via Surabaya, not directly go to Malang.

Especially in Malang, you still can see the typically old buildings from the Dutch colonialism such as churches, houses along Ijen street, schools and many other landmarks. Some guest houses along Kawi Street also have the touch of Dutch architecture.

Batu, is less crowded than Malang. Batu is a hilly land with a river that is suitable for rafting. In Batu, you can also see the apple and flowers plantation. Apple from Batu is normally green but still, it is sweet. Apples and other tropical fruits are processed to become chips in Batu, such as jack fruit, banana, salak, pineapples, etc. 

Batu has a lot of tourist objects, from artificial until natural ones. Natural ones, you can see waterfall, hot spring water, hills, etc. For artificial ones, Batu offers a lot of play land, and it is quite complete and large, not only amusement park but also zoo.


Batu Secret Zoo, is around 1,5-2 hours driving from the central of Malang. Admission ticket will be various (Monday-Thursday: IDR 75K; Friday-Sunday/Holiday : IDR 125K). In Batu secret zoo, visitors will enjoy the zoo based on its category in a different spot: for example mammals, birds, fish ,etc. There are a lot of animals you can see here, not only tropical animals such as monkeys, birds, etc but also animals from other countries such as Kangaroo, Hippo, etc. At the end of the journey you can visit Museum of Animals (Museum Satwa). Here you can see statues of primordial animals, endangered animals and animals that can't be found in tropical area just like in a museum way.

In Batu Secret Zoo, you can take pictures with certain animal, but you have to pay IDR 5,000 for each animal. For me it is quite interesting to visit Batu Secret Zoo but unfortunately the wild animals that you take picture with, for example, baby tiger, looked quite sad. I don't really know but seemed that the baby tiger was given something that always made him sleepy and less active.



Eco Green Park is a bit about science park. Here you can know further about animals because they put information related to certain animals such as insects, etc.
Admission ticket is IDR 40K, Monday-Thursday and IDR65K, Friday-Sunday/Holiday. But, you can also buy combo ticket for only IDR 150K to be able to discover Batu Secret Zoo and Eco Green Park.

Personally, I prefer Eco Green Park to Batu Secret Zoo because there are more to see in Eco Green Park rather than Batu Secret Zoo. Not only be able to take pictures with certain animals for free, we are also able to enter Rumah Hantu (Haunted House), Rumah Terbalil (Upside -Down House), and ride a Hunting Car. They are all free, no additional fee required.

Eco Green Park


In Batu, we can also enjoy the beautiful scenery from the hills through a tree house. It is located in the same location with paragliding spot, where many young people start their flying experience. The road to reach the tree house is a bit small and a typical of mountainous road. There are not many directions to show this spot so that sometimes we must count on locals instead of merely using GPS.

The entry ticket is very cheap, IDR 5K per person. Since it is very cheap, many people like to go there to take pictures that sometimes we have to wait in a queue to enter the tree house.

Tree House, Batu (2015)

There are a lot of many other tourist objects in Malang that I can not write down all of them here. For beaches, several names are good: Goa Cina, Tiga Warna, Balekambang, Sendang Biru, etc. You can also do rafting in Batu river besides visiting many waterfalls such as Coban Rondo, Coban Sewu, etc. Near Malang, you can also visit the famous Bromo mountain that is suitable to see sunrise.

Increasing World Oil Price & Gold : Effect of Rising Tensions in the Middle East Region

As had been reported by, Russian aircraft was shot down by Turkey that indicated a rising tensions in the Middle East Region last Tuesday (24 November 2015). Turkey claimed that Russian aircraft was flying in the area of Turkey and had made 10 times violation before, while on the other hand, Russia believed that the aircraft was still flying in the territory of Syrian. 

Russian aircraft shot down by Turkey, Nov 24 2015 (BBC INDONESIA)

This increasing geopolitical issue had made the price of crude oil increases as well. Many believe that this tensions in the oil-rich region will in turn affect the oil supply. Not only the price of crude oil, the geopolitical tensions in the Middle East region has made US Dollar depreciated, that in turn made many investors switch their investment to gold. Thus, the price of gold increased 0.66% (USD 1,073.80 / ounce). When political situation is not conducive, investors tend to choose gold which is considered as a safe-haven asset, a 'currency' that can't be manipulated by any interest rate policies and can be use as a hedge to face inflation.  

Brokat Semiprancis Halus

Sangkara Brokat kedatangan koleksi terbaru kain semiprancis. Semiprancis merupakan jenis kain brokat yang halus, seperti brokat prancis. Kalau brokat Prancis asli biasanya dijual meteran dan harganya sudah jutaan per meternya untuk jenis yang bagus. Sebaliknya, kain semiprancis diproduksi dan dijual dalam bentuk panel. Artinya adalah sudah dalam bentuk potongan mesin. Ukurannya bervariasi. Untuk pasar lokal, biasanya yang diproduksi adalah 250x130, 250x140 sedangkan untuk pasar export biasanya diproduksi dengan ukuran lebih besar yaitu 300x130, 300x150. 

Selain ukurannya yang lebih besar, semiprancis untuk pasar export mempunyai tektur kain yang terasa sedikit lebih kasar dan bertulang dibanding dengan semiprancis panel yang ditujukan untuk pasar lokal. Padahal, walaupun sedikit lebih kasar, kain yang diproduksi tetap kain berkualitas dan tidak pasaran. 

Untuk tingkat finishing, semiprancis ada yang jenisnya kilap dan dove. Jenis kain kilap, artinya kain tersebut sudah bercahaya tanpa glitter ya... sedangkan dove adalah jenis kain yang tidak kilap dan finishing pewarnaannya cenderung matte. 

Lalu, kenapa sih banyak orang lebih memilih jenis brokat Semirprancis daripada brokat biasa yang dijual meteran? Harga brokat meteran (brokat biasa) berkisar antara 20-80rb/meter, tergantung pada kualitas kain. Brokat meteran biasa adalah jenis brokat yang teksturnya cenderung kasar, tipis, panas dan tidak nyaman saat digunakan. Untuk pinggiran (atas-bawah) biasanya tidak ada, atau hanya ada bentuk renda biasa. Sebaliknya kain brokat semiprancis teksturnya lebih lembut, berat dan mempunyai motif tumpal (atas-bawah) yang sangat cantik. Semiprancis ada yang tidak timbul, sedikit timbul dan ada yang memiliki cord. Cord yang dimaksud adalah benang sangat timbul yang membentuk setiap motif pada kain semiprancis tersebut.



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Biking to Office and Get Paid? Italia!

According to, in a city in Italia, Massarosa, citizen will get hundreds of Euro per year as a cash incentive if they ride a bike to go to the office. 25 cent will be paid for every kilometer using a smartphone application to measure the distance.

For the trial, 50 employees will participate this scheme for 12 months. This scheme is applied to reduce the traffic in Italia.

Massarosa - Google map
If this could happen in Jakarta, Indonesia with high pressure traffic (imagine million of people go to Jakarta from neighbor cities for working), then many people will save much time. Currently, Jakarta's traffic is so terrible. People use private cars to go to work instead of using public transportation although there is a 3-in-1 policy for some critical area. Unfortunately, the traffic remains unsolved. Just if people realize how much gasoline they can save, how much CO2 they create,how much meaningful time they can grab ...unless they put high importance on self-dignity and ignore the environment.

Traffic in Jakarta, taken from

Mekong Giant Cat Fish Appeared in Cambodia

Released by Yahoo news, fishers in Cambodia saw and catch a 7-feet long a giant cat fish that is endangered. This, confirms that the critically endangered water fish species can still be found and still making its  annual migration from Tonle Sap lake to Mekong River.

Scientists claimed that the population of Mekong fish have been dropped until 90% from the last 10 years. Even, this size of fish can't be found in USA for the last 100 years.Therefore, the migration of the adult fish is very critical since they will secure the number of population. Nowadays, the activities in Mekong River have a great impact to the population, that has been shrinking year by year.

A giant Mekong cat fish found in mid of Nov, 2015

How to Ripen Avocado:

This is the tips taken from Facebook of Hana Budiono (Indonesian) that shared the way to make raw avocados to become perfectly ripe avocado.
As we know that if we harvest or buy avocado and it is still raw, we still need to wait some days until it gets ripe. However, it is sometimes difficult because avocados easily get rotten and not perfect to be eaten.

This, is the way to get it ripe, just as perfect as you want:

1. Slightly cut the lowest part of avocado where it is connected to its stem.
2. Put a tissue and cover up by a Scotch tape to make it air-tight.
3. Put the avocados in a dark place, not exposed in a direct light, especially sun light.
4. Wait 2-3 days and feel its softness, if it's already soft enough then your avocado is ready to eat.
5. Cut it into 2 parts then you can see a perfectly ripe avocados, ready to be served.


Kim Kardashian finally showed off her bump of her 2nd pregnancy in her bestfriend's baby shower. The picture was taken from the instagram of her friend @tracyhnguyen on Saturday 14, 2015.
Just like the first pregnancy, Kim also claimed that she doesn't really enjoy her current pregnancy as she feels that she looks miserable with her body.

in her friend's baby shower party (source: US Magazine)

Kim is known as an actress and entrepreneur. She is famous from her reality show that involves her sisters and mom: Keeping up with Kardashian.

Maternity Style of KIM (US Magazine)

The picture above shows several fashion designs that Kim wore during her pregnancy. No matter how her body is, she keeps her style high. This was her 2nd pregnancy after giving birth to a lovely baby girl named North-West, her lovely daughter from her husband Kanye West.

Paris Attacks: Respond around the World

Paris Attacks and other countries attacks were such a wound for the world, betraying humanity that is often used by political background. Religion, has no more power to make people more civilized and live in peace. Ironically, religion has been used as a method to divisive people and the ultimate aim is to conquer something BIG: power and wealth.

These are the pictures from AFP /yahoonews related to the respond from all -over the word, as a sympathy for the victims of Paris Attacks. 




It is such a regretful action that threaten the peace of the world. More terrible, ISIS, who claimed responsible for this, stated that this is only the first storm.

It might be predicted, the main threat for human, is human. Global warming, poverty, national disasters, health&sanitation, education and now war. There are more complex problems in this world that need to be solved, why would war or terrorism give more burden to people?

Imagine all the people, living life in peace (John Lennon)

Paris Attacks: Saved by Cell Phone

Paris tragedy (Saturday Nov 14, 2015) with more than 120 people killed during the several attacks left an interesting story. Reported by, a man claim that his cell phone has saved his life from a piece of shrapnel when a suicide bomber detonated a bomb outside a stadium of Stade de France. Sylvestre, the guy, was shocked when the explosion was right in front of him while he just ended a call on his Samsung phone.

Another interesting story as reported by also comes from Michael O' Connor who pretended to be dead for around 1 hour. Not only him, several people also pretended to be dead to avoid a brutal attack from the terrorist that finally ended after polices came.Those who are still alive become witnesses of a bloody murder with 118 innocent people dead in Bataclan Theatre. 

On Saturday, the government of French has officially announced that at least 129 people were killed during the tragedy (352 injured, 99 critically injured). Moreover, 8 people that were claimed as the terrorists have been killed related to the attacks.

On the other place, ISIS, the Islamic State, has claimed that they are responsible for the series of the attacks.

CORNELLY / TILE CORD (November Collection)

Tile cord / cornelly / tile cornelly adalah jenis kain brokat yang sangat cantik. Tile cornelly diidentikan dengan kain brokat dengan jenis timbul, dan terdapat cordnelly yaitu semacam benang sangat timbul disekeliling motif kain. Kain ini mempunyai dasar tile (tile merupakan kain jaring, mirip seperti kasa tetapi teksturnya lembut dan terkesan transparan.

Cornelly ini sangat digemari penjahit, karena sangat cocok untuk di'hancurkan' atau diambil bunganya saja dan dimodifikasi dengan beberapa motif dan warna lainnya untuk dijadikan kebaya modifikasi modern. Kain ini sangat cantik dan tak salah jika difavoritkan saat ini, selain karena teksturnya yang timbul dan lembut.

Untuk mengetahui kualitasnya, lihatlah tekstur benang di motifnya, apakah rapat dan kecil-kecil serta rapi, ataukah renggang-renggang dan terkesan tidak rapi. Selain itu kualitas tile yang bagus adalah yang lembut, tidak gatal jika digunakan. Tile yang digunakan pada tile cornelly ini ada yang polos dan ada juga yang berbayang (nama pasar: tile shadow). 

Motif tile cornelly dari dekat

Tile cornelly juga banyak jenisnya, ada yang kilap, mempunyai kawat emas (cenderung sedikit kasar dan kaku jika kualitasnya tidak bagus), ada yang mempunyai bulu mata (eyelashes) untuk memberuikan efek glossy. Biasanya bulu mata ini jika dipegang agak kasar. Secara pribadi, saya lebih suka tile cornelly yang tanpa bulu mata karena nyaman dikenakan.

Kali ini, ada banyak tile cornelly yang masuk dengan berbagai macam warna-warna menarik..
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Perlu kalian ketahui bahwa, brokat tidak hanya identik dengan kebaya dan pakaian jadul. Brokat adalah kain yang everlasting, di mana dengan sentuhan kreatifitas, brokat dapat dijadikan gaun modern yang anggun dan mewah ataupun dapat terlihat casual,

Tile PINK 220rb uk 2,3 x1,3 meter

Sebenarnya, masih banyak warna - warna lain dan motif-motif lain yang ada di koleksi kita. Tapi lebih enak kalau langsung cek di FB Page kita ya, biar penasaran hehehe.
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FB Page Brokat Sangkara

Tourist Objects in Jogjakarta

There are a lot of tourist objects in Jogjakarta. It is one of the city in Indonesia where we can see the combination between culture, heritage and tradition that appear in current life. In Jogjakarta we can see temples (majority is Hindu temple), beaches, mountain and even its kingdom legacy. In fact, until recent, Jogjakarta is still lead by a King (or known as Sultan) even though the Sultan more likely acts as a governor.

Jogjakarta is rich of its tradition that obviously appears in its local culture: Batik, Javanese dances, crafting, etc. If you have plenty time and you decide to visit Jogjakarta you may spare time to visit some places such as Kasongan (you can see the making of pottery, hand made), Kota Gede (silver jewelry, etc, handmade), Manding (leather production for  bags, shoes, jacket), Malioboro (batik process, the making of Bakpia - traditional cake).

Talking about other cool places to visit, you can check below:

1. Prambanan Temple

Prambanan is a Hindu temple, that is located in Prambanan, an area between Jogjakarta and Klaten. In this site, there is also a Buddhist temple, called Candi Sewu (literally means Thousand Temple), at the back of Prambanan Temple.

The apparent difference between Hindu and Buddhist temple is the shape of the top of the temple itself. Hindu temple is more likely to have a sharper shape for the top of its temple, while Buddhist one is more round. Another difference is related to the statue. Hindu temples have different statues of God for each of its temple, while Buddhist temples only have the statue of Buddha, as its role model.

To enter Prambanan, you must pay the entry ticket of IDR 30,000/person (for local tourists) and USD 18 (for foreigners). To enjoy the temples, you may bring along umbrella, hat or scarf with you because the temperature is quite hot there. Not to worry, there will be local people offering umbrellas for rental and you can bring them by yourself.

Prambanan Temple

2. Ratu Boko

Ratu Boko is an archaeological site of (used to be a Palace of King Boko) located near to Prambanan Temple. After visiting Prambanan, you can visit Ratu Boko, just around 15 minutes driving to the hills. It is such a perfect place to see a sunset with a beautiful view.

Here in Ratu Boko you can see the legacy of a Palace in an old time, complete with its baths for princess and a canal-like system (or maybe a tunnel) that remains unsolved until today because the restoration is still incomplete.

a gate in Ratu Boko

Here, you may see a few deer also in a garden before you go to the Ratu Boko Palace. The weather is a bit windy in the afternoon and not too hot, suitable for you to enjoy the scenery. For entry ticket, it will cost you around IDR 25,000 / person (2015)

3. Taman Sari

Taman Sari is also a legacy of Kesultanan Jogjakarta (Kingdom of Jogjakarta), and used to be a place for princess to take a bath. The buildings are not too old comparing to the temples, but still, we can see the classic atmosphere in Taman Sari. Taman Sari is located near Keraton Jogjakarta (Palace). It is actually located within current people's houses and a traditional market. This place is always be visited by foreigners because it has a lot of mystery, marked by a former canal system, tunnel, etc.

The ticket to get here is very cheap, around IDR 3,000. Actually there are several gates that you can enter to the site besides the main gate that you must pay for entry ticket. You can enter through the bird market, or even from the aisle in society's housing.

Taman Sari, taken from my instagram

4. Gua Pindul

Gua Pindul is located in Gunung Kidul, in the southern Jogjakarta. It is a coastal and mountainous area with many beautiful places to see: beaches, caves, waterfalls, etc.
To go here, you will spend around 2 hours driving from the center of Jogjakarta in an up and down and slipper road.

Besides Goa Pindul, is a cave of stalactite and stalagmite with a river under it. The journey will be on a tire and will take around 25 minutes inside the cave. The scenery was really wonderful inside and we could hear different sound of stalactite that our guide hit on. To enjoy this, you must pay around IDR 35,000 each person. You can also hire a group photographer who will take pictures along with you during in a cave.

Goa Pindul (2015)
Not to forget, you must prepare another suit for changing if you want to take this adventure because you will definitely get wet during the trip.

NEW COMER: Semiprancis Seri Crystal

Di awal bulan ini Sangkara Brokat punya koleksi baru, yakni brokat semiprancis seri crystal bright.
Seri ini jenis kainnya kilap /glossy, dan dialokasikan untuk pasar export. Jadi kalian termasuk beruntung jika memiliki kain ini. Warna-warna yang tersedia hanya 6 warna pilihan: Tosca, Salmon, Ivory, Black, Peach dan Light Brown. Dijamin cakep-cakep deh.

Koleksi bahan kebaya semiprancis ini cocok untuk seragaman keluarga dalam acara pernikahan maupun digunakan dalam resepsi / akad pernikahan itu sendiri. Bahannya halus, berat dan menawan dengan motif bunga yang timbul.

Yukk kita intip seperti apa sih warna dan motifnya? Cantik-cantik donk pastinya...

195rb uk 300x150cm SEMIPRANCIS (foto kiri) - Light Brown/Krem

195rb uk 300x150cm SEMIPRANCIS (foto kiri) Ivory /Putih Gading

195rb uk 300x150cm SEMIPRANCIS (foto kiri) Peach

195rb uk 300x150cm SEMIPRANCIS (foto kiri) Salmon
195rb uk 300x150cm SEMIPRANCIS (foto kiri) Black

195rb uk 300x150cm SEMIPRANCIS (foto kiri) Tosca

Sangkara Brokat merupakan distributor semiprancis langsung pabrik, kualitas export dengan harga terjangkau.
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