Paris Attacks: Respond around the World

Paris Attacks and other countries attacks were such a wound for the world, betraying humanity that is often used by political background. Religion, has no more power to make people more civilized and live in peace. Ironically, religion has been used as a method to divisive people and the ultimate aim is to conquer something BIG: power and wealth.

These are the pictures from AFP /yahoonews related to the respond from all -over the word, as a sympathy for the victims of Paris Attacks. 




It is such a regretful action that threaten the peace of the world. More terrible, ISIS, who claimed responsible for this, stated that this is only the first storm.

It might be predicted, the main threat for human, is human. Global warming, poverty, national disasters, health&sanitation, education and now war. There are more complex problems in this world that need to be solved, why would war or terrorism give more burden to people?

Imagine all the people, living life in peace (John Lennon)

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