Paris Attacks: Saved by Cell Phone

Paris tragedy (Saturday Nov 14, 2015) with more than 120 people killed during the several attacks left an interesting story. Reported by, a man claim that his cell phone has saved his life from a piece of shrapnel when a suicide bomber detonated a bomb outside a stadium of Stade de France. Sylvestre, the guy, was shocked when the explosion was right in front of him while he just ended a call on his Samsung phone.

Another interesting story as reported by also comes from Michael O' Connor who pretended to be dead for around 1 hour. Not only him, several people also pretended to be dead to avoid a brutal attack from the terrorist that finally ended after polices came.Those who are still alive become witnesses of a bloody murder with 118 innocent people dead in Bataclan Theatre. 

On Saturday, the government of French has officially announced that at least 129 people were killed during the tragedy (352 injured, 99 critically injured). Moreover, 8 people that were claimed as the terrorists have been killed related to the attacks.

On the other place, ISIS, the Islamic State, has claimed that they are responsible for the series of the attacks.

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