How to Ripen Avocado:

This is the tips taken from Facebook of Hana Budiono (Indonesian) that shared the way to make raw avocados to become perfectly ripe avocado.
As we know that if we harvest or buy avocado and it is still raw, we still need to wait some days until it gets ripe. However, it is sometimes difficult because avocados easily get rotten and not perfect to be eaten.

This, is the way to get it ripe, just as perfect as you want:

1. Slightly cut the lowest part of avocado where it is connected to its stem.
2. Put a tissue and cover up by a Scotch tape to make it air-tight.
3. Put the avocados in a dark place, not exposed in a direct light, especially sun light.
4. Wait 2-3 days and feel its softness, if it's already soft enough then your avocado is ready to eat.
5. Cut it into 2 parts then you can see a perfectly ripe avocados, ready to be served.

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