Biking to Office and Get Paid? Italia!

According to, in a city in Italia, Massarosa, citizen will get hundreds of Euro per year as a cash incentive if they ride a bike to go to the office. 25 cent will be paid for every kilometer using a smartphone application to measure the distance.

For the trial, 50 employees will participate this scheme for 12 months. This scheme is applied to reduce the traffic in Italia.

Massarosa - Google map
If this could happen in Jakarta, Indonesia with high pressure traffic (imagine million of people go to Jakarta from neighbor cities for working), then many people will save much time. Currently, Jakarta's traffic is so terrible. People use private cars to go to work instead of using public transportation although there is a 3-in-1 policy for some critical area. Unfortunately, the traffic remains unsolved. Just if people realize how much gasoline they can save, how much CO2 they create,how much meaningful time they can grab ...unless they put high importance on self-dignity and ignore the environment.

Traffic in Jakarta, taken from

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