Natural Cave and Stone Garden (Padalarang, Bandung)

Here, I would like to give you an interesting place, natural and amazing known as Goa Pawon (Pawon Cave) and Stone Garden located in Padalarang.
To visit this place, you can go to Padalarang, around 30KM from the center of Bandung or around 80KM from the center of Karawang. From exit toll Padalarang, you must go to the direction of Rajamandala or Sukabumi in a hilly road that is also passed by trucks, buses and other big vehicles. 

If you already reached a hilly road where there are some limestone mining around you, it means you're near to the site of Goa Pawon. Actually the sign of this place is not really remarkable since it is quite small, it's only written "GOA PAWON". The road to Goa Pawon is only enough for 1 vehicle, if there are 2 vehicles and both are in a contrary direction, one must stop first. This is actually an unfortunate thing for GOA PAWON as it has a lack in infrastructure in terms of the road (narrow), toilet (quite far) and parking lot (small). 

To enter the site, you must only pay IDR 5K each person. The cave itself is very near from the parking lot. You must only go up within a few minutes and you can see an amazing cave. Before, there will be a lot of apes. Inside the cave, there are still a lot of bats so that no wonder the cave is a bit smelly. Tips for you, you can bring along a mask with you if you can't stand with the smell. But, not to worry, you can breathe a fresh air because the cave is a type of an-open cave.

Not only bats, there is a fossil also of a human, maybe a human from the era of Sundanese Kingdom where meditation in a cave  is a common thing in that era.

bats flying in a tunnel of light in the cave

From the Pawon Cave, you can also go the Stone Garden. Stone Garden means a hill with a stone spread everywhere, makes an interesting place to be visited, for a leisure or just for taking pictures. To go to this place you can hike a hill from Goa Pawon, around 20 minutes. But it can be very tiring hike because the hill is quite slippery and steep. On the other way, you can go around 5KM and park your vehicle near to the Garden Stone so that you only need to climb a bit.

Stone Garden in Padalarang

To enter this stone garden, you must pay IDR 5K each person. Besides the stone, there is also some huts around the garden that everyone can sit and enjoy the scenery. 

I recommend you to visit this place and you will feel another world sensation (in case that you live an urban life too long). Just pity that some irresponsible people left their path by making graffiti on the stones and cave. What stupid people they are...

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